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Bills of Personhood, Abolition, Proferred in Tennessee - CCML 0

Bills of Personhood, Abolition, Proferred in Tennessee

Two separate bills are being proferred in Tennessee this year – a personhood bill, that seeks to ban abortion implicitly by defining the word person to include the preborn, and a bill of abolition that seeks to rescind existing laws protecting abortion and ban it specifically as murder.

Paris Post-Intelligencer: State lawsuit isn’t nearly enough

From the Paris Post-Intelligencer, Paris, TN: State lawsuit over allowing same-sex marriage licenses isn’t nearly enough In response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell opinion last June that states cannot deny marriage licenses to...

Fox News Provides Lesbian “Pastor” a “Pulpit”

Dear Pastor, church leaders and friends… Will you allow this to be the ONLY voice heard from a “church leader” regarding the Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act (House Bill 1412)? Hear this lesbian “pastor”...