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Aiding and Abetting a Gross Fiction - Judicial Supremacy

Aiding and Abetting a Gross Fiction

How the “We must get our Justices appointed” clamor perpetuates the fiction of ‘judicial supremacy’ upon our nation. By Pastor Matt Trewhella Every four years, as the presidential election approaches, both the Democrats and...

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Judge Moore Leaves Kangaroo Court Proceedings

UpholdTheLawAlabama.com Statement of Chief Justice Roy Moore: The people of Alabama deserve to know why three justices on the Alabama Supreme Court—Lyn Stuart, Mike Bolin, and Jim Main—have failed to recuse in a sealed...

Short Video on Justice Moore's Upcoming Trial and Rally 0

Short Video on Justice Moore’s Upcoming Trial and Rally

Chief Justice Roy Moore squares off tomorrow with the Court of the Judiciary over the Chief’s alleged misconduct in office – unfounded charges brought to bear against him by his political and ideological enemies. The hearing will be in the Alabama Supreme Court Courtroom in Montgomery, and YOU need to be there!