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Marriage Defense Act
On December 3, 2015, H.4513 – the South Carolina Natural Marriage Defense Act – was prefiled in the House by Rep. Bill Chumley and Rep. Mike Burns.
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Personhood South Carolina
S. 719, South Carolina’s Personhood legislation, was introduced in the Senate on April 28, 2015,and as of April, it is on its way to the Senate floor.
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*These bills are early drafts and may be subject to finalization.

South Carolina State House
Track H.4513 progress
Track changes to H.4513
Personhood South Carolina Web Site
Track S.719 progress
Track changes to S.719
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[hr] Statement of Endorsement from Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, for Tennessee’s version of the South Carolina Natural Marriage Defense Act:

Liberty Counsel commends Representative Pody for taking the lead in resisting the marriage opinion of five lawyers on the Supreme Court. HB 1412 sets forth the reasons why that opinion is illegitimate and unconstitutional, and provides a framework for successful resistance…[Read more]