Book: The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates – A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government

The rule of law is crumbling and the expansion of Federal government power is of grave concern to many in America. But what can be done to quell the abuse of power by civil authority? Are unjust or immoral actions by the government simply to be accepted and their lawless commands obeyed? How do we know when the government has acted tyrannically? Which actions constitute proper and legitimate resistance?

This book places in your hands a hopeful blueprint for freedom. Appealing to history and the Word of God, Pastor Matthew Trewhella answers these questions and shows how Americans can successfully resist the Federal government’s attempts to trample our Constitution, assault our liberty, and impugn the law of God.

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Book: The Magdeburg Confession, 13th of April, 1550

This is the first ever English translation of the historic Magdeburg Confession, which is the first known document in the history of man to formally set forth the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.

Men like John Knox, Theodore Beza and Phillip Mornay were deeply impacted by The Magdeburg Confession and the repercussions of this great writing were felt throughout western civilization all the way to the founding of America as a nation.

Now, for the first time in over 460 years, English-speaking people can read the Confession for themselves.

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Book: Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers

If you’re like most Evangelicals, you’ve been taught that Romans 13:1-7 gives you, the Christian citizen, a blanket duty to “render unto Caesar” an unqualified obedience. Modern teachings on the sticky relationship between God and government, church and state, seem to be little more than restatements of what any dictator would want you to believe. It hasn’t always been that way within Christianity.

“Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers” shows how Christian resistance ought to be recognizably Christian in nature. Not bloodthirsty, or vicious, etc. Suggestions are given for Christians who want to fight wicked government in the here-and-now, a subject many Romans 13 commentaries are content to avoid discussing. This book is a joyful volley against the walls of the God-hating establishment. Arm yourself with the truth of the Word of God. Join the Resistance.

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Book: The Christian and the Magistrate: Roles, Responsibilities, and Jurisdictions
by the Reformer Pierre Viret

What is the Biblical definition of a civil magistrate? Should Christians be subject to them? Should civil governments be subject to God? Is physical resistance to authority ever justifiable? Under what circumstances? And what is a Christian’s role with respect to the civil sphere? 16th century Swiss Reformer Pierre Viret explores these themes and offers practical advice in this important work on civil government in light of the Christian faith.

Viret offers his advice on the Biblical definition and response to civil government, war, resistance against authorities, tyrants, and many other political matters. The writings contained in The Christian and the Magistrate are a collection of some of the applications Viret offered of the Biblical truths pertaining to magistrates and the Christian’s duty to them.

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Movie: Shakeytown – A Documentary

Shakeytown a Colin Gunn DocumentaryThe Gunn Brothers take you to Shaky Town to show you a history of Christian persecution including fire bomb attacks, threats, legal assaults, and now, more recently, a mayor who attacks the Christian institution of marriage.

You’ll hear testimonies from Christian Heroes involved in a front-line battle against immorality in the so-called “tolerant” city. You’ll also see real video footage of Christian churches in San Francisco being attacked by violent groups of homosexuals. So be warned, this movie is not for the faint-hearted!

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