DDoS Attacks on Newshosting Server

There was a time when the Newshosting server was considered to be the best free solution available on the internet. In fact it still is, but with the recent changes to quade Eternal DNS it has become an option that some are looking to avoid. So what is going on?

It appears that there was an internal issue within the company that lead to the generated due to server errors within the system. The internal issues were actually caused by the lack of staff to cover the shift of DNS for a few hours at a time. So, as you can see the problem was not the service but the lack of staff at the time.

But how did things end up here? Well, things went from bad to worse. There was a brief investigation carried out and the findings were that the servers had been generating due to an internal issue. No further action was taken. DNS providers are very big business and it can be easy to have an employee go rogue and create issues that may not always be resolved. But in this case it appears that the DNS provider acted inappropriately by not taking any further action.

There was no trace of abuse taking place or of misuse of the system at any point during the investigation. However, it is possible that an employee of Newshosting could have generated due to a ‘bot’ or a script. These are computer programs which are specifically designed to do the work for users who have signed up for them. As soon as they are installed on a server, they begin to generate without human interaction. Based on the evidence I’ve seen from several sources, it seems clear that this is what happened in the Newshosting case.

It is also worth remembering that when one IP address registers with a company such as Newshosting, the host site will assign that IP address to every single user who joins. This means that if you joined in August, and then later changed your username, your IP address would have changed. You could have joined in December and your IP address would have changed. This of course is not a problem if you only changed your username once, but if you did it repeatedly you would cause problems with the server and would likely attract server errors or even DDoS attacks. This is another valid reason why you should never change your IP address too often.

Other issues were raised against Newshosting including the fact that they had a lot of ‘inactive’ users who hadn’t logged in since September. This is something I’ve also seen being discussed in forum discussions, but in general it’s not a major issue. The fact that it’s a relatively common problem isn’t really relevant. The important thing is whether there is proof that someone was using a proxy server to impersonate you when you made comments or joined an event. Given the large amount of comments and active participant posts that I’ve seen on this topic, I wouldn’t hold much hope that the company can point to proof that this is an issue.

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