Cheap and Best Web Hosting Plans

There are many web hosting companies that claim to be the best and cheapest hosting services. It is not easy to distinguish one from the other as they all offer reliable web hosting services. However, it is important to choose the best and cheapest web hosting company that meets your requirements. The important consideration in choosing web hosting companies is customer service. The extent to which a company offers customer support for both customers and technical problems is one of the key determinants in making a decision on the best and cheapest web hosting company.

A common feature among web hosting providers is to offer dedicated server hosting. A dedicated server hosting is a costlier option than shared web hosting. This is because with dedicated hosting, the provider has total control over the server. There is no sharing between the provider and other clients. However, a hosting provider may charge extra for its extra features such as backups, security and virus protection.

A cheap and best web hosting provider usually charges monthly fees. The monthly fee normally depends on the number of web pages that the customer has, the bandwidth and storage capacity offered. For businesses that have a need for extensive data storage and bandwidth, it is best to choose full-year memberships. Full year members are given access to unlimited storage space and bandwidth and are billed yearly. It also gives the customer free domain names and online tools for managing their domain accounts.

WordPress hosting is another popular choice among hosting companies. WordPress hosting is one of the easiest to use website creation and management system that allows its users to install their own themes, banners and plugins. One of the great advantages of using WordPress hosting is that they give complete flexibility over the design of the website, which can be customized according to the customer’s needs. A WordPress web hosting company may provide free domain registration, free e-mail account and offer additional free features such as blog templates, shopping carts and news section. The customer support provided by a WordPress web hosting company is also excellent and helps their customers in any technical problems related to the website.

A fully managed and monitored dedicated server is another form of cheap and best web hosting plans. The customer can have full control over their server from day one and can install any plugin or theme of their choice. With this form of hosting, the customer is able to maintain and change the content, theme and look of their site at any point of time. Depending on the size and traffic of the site, hosting companies offer different plans such as single, couple or group plan. The single plan offers unlimited monthly transfer of space and bandwidth and is ideal for small sites.

A group plan with unlimited space and bandwidth can be chosen for larger sites and allows the company to manage its servers more effectively. For business site with limited amount of traffic, it would be better to go for the billing monthly web hosting plan as the charges are low and easily affordable. It allows the company to bill the customer every month based on the size of the website. There is no need to worry about the amount that has to be paid each month because the amount is charged on a daily basis by the hosting company.

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