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F.A.C.E. Charges in Kentucky -

FACE Charges Filed for Rescuers in Kentucky

Preliminary reports are coming in that Federal charges for violating the FACE act are being leveled in the case of the 11 rescuers who blocked the doors of Kentucky’s last remaining surgical abortion clinic in Louisville this past May

Abolitionists Rally in Wisconsin: “It’s Time to Defy Tyrants Again!” - CCML

Abolitionist Ceremony in Milwaukee Commemorates Wisconsin’s Defiance of Federal Tyranny

MILWAUKEE, – Abolitionists held a rally last week at Cathedral Square to commemorate the rescue of fugitive slave Joshua Glover at that very site, and to remind Wisconsin magistrates of their duty to interpose on behalf of their citizens in the face of federal tyranny.

Oklahoma Petition Exhorts Representatives to Interpose

Oklahoma City, OK: Given that their state legislature has bowed to judicial tyranny and refused to establish justice for the pre-born, abolitionists in Oklahoma have taken it upon themselves to circulate a petition calling...

Spartanburg Herald on H4513

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal announced Tuesday that “the state Legislature doesn’t have the authority to nullify federal law or judicial decisions”, quoting the opinion of University of South Carolina law professor Derek Black exclusively in their...