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Alabama Proposal 16 - CCML

Alabama: Proposal 16 Prods Gov. Bentley to Issue Executive Order Protecting Human Life

The law of the State of Alabama defines a “person” as “a human being, including an unborn child in utero at any stage of development, regardless of viability”. In addition to this, the Supreme Court of Alabama has affirmed the personhood of the preborn and repeatedly affirmed the value of protecting a person’s life in the womb. It seems a no-brainer, but things being what they are, the governing authorities often need a little prodding, if not an outright shove.

Texas Bortion Abolition Resolutions - CCML

Texas Passes Abortion Abolition Resolutions

“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas calls upon the Texas legislature to repeal section 19.06 of the Texas Penal Code, which contradicts section 19.01 by permitting the murder of unborn...