Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Options

Best cheap WordPress hosting: rated Hostinger probably is the most popular low cost hosting provider reviewed, yet it does have some downsides which can be worth thinking about before you purchase. After all, its relatively low cost means that it has a lot of different functionalities that other low-cost providers simply cannot match. For example, the thing that makes Hostinger so popular is its flexibility and control over WordPress, the blogging platform. This is by far one of the most powerful platforms out there, and it can be customized to suit almost any purpose. But to get the most from your site, it needs to be hosted on a server with high quality hardware. It would be a real shame to lose this powerful advantage through poor hardware choice!

best cheap wordpress hosting

There are two problems with Hostinger hosting that can affect how good your site will be: the down time and the speed of loading of graphics and content. The down time is bad, though this is likely to be dependent upon the user. The longer the connection hangs around, the lower the resolution will be, and the slower everything will become. To counter this, users have the option of turning the down time mode, which slows everything down further, but keeps the connection open for much longer. In fact, some experts believe that a three-hour connection is the bare minimum for good browsing; otherwise a user might as well switch to a slower connection and see an improvement.

Another disadvantage of Hostinger compared to the cheapest hosting providers is that its basic unlimited disk usage policy is not particularly good value. Its ‘unlimited disk usage’ policy comes with two major limitations: it only applies to new installs of WordPress and only to images and stylesheets. The problem here is that if you already have a website with WordPress installed, you will not benefit from these two limits. If you have a blog, then you are already limiting the disk usage by adding an image gallery or using a static template. All in all, the two limitations are fairly minor, though they do limit the amount of flexibility that can be had. If you need more freedom of use, then Hostinger might be the cheapest hosting services available to you.

One other disadvantage of Hostinger that has a lot to do with its price is its poor customer support. Although Hostinger offers excellent technical support, the level of customer support is substandard at best. Even their support chat is inaccessible to some people for hours at a time. They do not refund or replace upgrades or changes to their service, even though these are often available for free on many of the other cheaper web hosting services. Also, there is usually no way for the customer to try to work things out with the web host outside of ordering the product and receiving a copy of their hosting plan printed out.

Last but not least on our list of cheap WordPress hosts are Inmotion. The problem with Inmotion is that its main selling point, the monthly plan, actually has limitations. Although the starter package comes with four months of free space and a single gigabyte of disk storage, there is no disk space available once the upgrade is made. There is also no way for the user to add additional domains or options to their account. Overall, Inmotion’s low price tag makes this a bad choice for most websites, although it does make it extremely cheap for websites that need only small amounts of space and bandwidth.

The best cheap WordPress hosts are Hostinger and Inmotion. Between these two options, users have an excellent combination of features and price that have no real limitations. Both sites offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth, and both sites come with a thirty days money back guarantee. If you need more features than what is offered with the hosting plans, you should look elsewhere, but both hosts have good user interfaces and intuitive control panels. For basic requirements, these are the best cheap WordPress hosts you can find.

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