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Rightly Discipling the Nations

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates -

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When Christian men avoid the realm of civil government, the nations are wrongly discipled.

Not only does the abandonment of the political sphere leave a vacancy that is filled by the ungodly, but it also compounds the difficulties involved in retrieving lost ground. More and more humanist ideas are embedded into the fabric of the nation. A worldview that declares good to be evil and evil to be good reigns, and the people, parroting their leaders, accept it as normal.

This is one major area where the American Church has failed. We have not failed to disciple the nations, we have failed in rightly discipling the nations. Because of this negligence, the general consensus in the culture rides the incoming wave of misinformation – judicial supremacy is normative, legislating from the bench raises few eyebrows, and Supreme Court opinion is considered the “law of the land”. Religious beliefs are relegated to the privacy of one’s own home or completely enclosed in special buildings – flowing from the example of the Christian men who refuse to exercise biblical leadership in the public affairs of their country.

Discipling the nations is not the job of a special group of professional people. It is a duty of the Church that is sorely lacking in our day. A Christian people should be educating both the civil magistrate and the culture at large of their responsibilities according God’s word. The means to this do not have to be complicated – it can happen through something as natural as a conversation, meetings with representatives, and in the case of Frankfurt, Kentucky, last week, it happened through a full page ad in the local newspaper, placed by the Lesser magistrate Project and Operation Save America in a joint effort to instruct the magistrates and the people of Kentucky.

Open Letter to Government Officials and Citizens of the State of Kentucky

Open Letter to Government Officials and Citizens of the State of KentuckyThe ad details the duty our civil officers have in protecting the people from wickedness – and interposing on their behalf, even against higher authorities, if those authorities make immoral/unjust laws or policies. In that case the lower or lesser ranking civil authority has both a right and duty to refuse obedience to a superior authority, and, if necessary, the lesser authorities may even actively resist the higher. This is what is known as the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine.

In ages past, Christian men confronted the rulers of the land with the truth of scripture – they discipled the nations through conversation and through their writings. Justin Martyr wrote his first Apology to the Emperor and his family, saying, “Do you, then, since you are called pious and philosophers, guardians of justice and lovers of learning, give good heed, and hearken to my address”. In the same way, the Open Letter to Government Officials and Citizens of the State of Kentucky calls on the magistrates to heed their call and claim to be guardians of justice.

See the full text of the letter here.

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