Assistant High School Principal Tells Teenage Abolitionists to Go to Hell

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa — Downingtown STEM Academy Assistant Principal Zach Ruff was placed on administrative leave after a video of his out of control anti-First Amendment behavior went viral last week.  The video shows him yelling profanities at two teenage abolitionists outside the Pennsylvania high school Friday afternoon.Assistant High School Principal Zach Ruff Tells Teenage Abolitionists to Go to Hell Where Aborted Babies Are

The teenagers, laboring on behalf of Abolish Abortion PA,  were engaged in what has become known as “Project Frontlines“, wherein abolitionists take to the high schools in an attempt to raise awareness of the abortion holocaust before young women get to the abortion mills – where it is often very difficult to dissuade them from procuring abortions.

The teens had been on the public sidewalk for a few minutes when the assistant principal confronted them in an attempt to intimidate them away from the school. An 18 minute video of the confrontation, captured by a Go Pro camera worn by one of the teens, Conner Haines, shows Haines coolly attempting to reason with a screaming Zach Ruff, who immediately lost control. At one point in the conversation Ruff can be seen aggressively pulling the sign from Conner’s hands, telling him “You can go to hell, where they are too,” referring to the victims pictured on the sign.

The vidAssistant High School Principal Zach Ruff Tells Teenage Abolitionists to Go to Hell Where Aborted Babies Areeo, which landed Conner Haines and his sister Lauren on Fox TV and other stations, can be seen here. The unedited, 18 minute version can be seen here.

On the school’s Facebook page and in their newsletter STEM Academy administration expressed concern. “We do not condone or support the conduct expressed in the video and are deeply disappointed that this incident occurred. His conduct does not represent the values of the school district or the respect we expect our employees to show for the civil rights of others.”

In an official statement, Superintendent Lawrence Mussoline said, “In the past two days, I have received passionate emails both in support of, and against, our decision to place this staff member on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. Among the emails has been the suggestion that we did the wrong thing, that the incident on Friday did not rise to the level of concern to merit administrative leave. I disagree.” His full statement on the matter can be seen at STEM’s web site, here.Assistant High School Principal Zach Ruff Tells Teenage Abolitionists to Go to Hell Where Aborted Babies Are

Parents and students alike have come to the defense of Mr. Ruff’s accosting of the teens, going so far as to replicate his profane behavior on the Haines’ Facebook wall, leaving thousands of vulgar comments and making unfounded accusations about the behavior of the teens outside of the school. STEM Academy has a policy against cyber-bullying and claim that they will address any instances of students engaging in it.

To date there is absolutely no video or photographic evidence of the teens banging on cars, blocking traffic, or acting in any way contrary to what the already available videos depict – this despite the fact that there were hundreds of witnesses with cell phone cameras, no to mention the school’s own closed circuit security system.

Unfortunately, harassment of abolitionists for exercising their first amendment rights near public school buildings is not as rare as it should be – school administration overstepping their bounds is all too common across the United States, as is the reluctance of local police to take such infringements seriously.

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