Alabama: Proposal 16 Prods Gov. Bentley to Issue Executive Order Protecting Human Life

Alabamians are admonishing Governor Bentley to interpose on behalf of the preborn with “Proposal 16”, a Draft Executive Order demanding the total and immediate abolition of abortion through the defiance of federal tyranny. The proposal calls for the use of executive power to apply Alabama’s existing laws and defend the 16 human lives who are killed by abortion in the State of Alabama every day.

“With Proposal 16, pro-life Alabamians have found a tangible way to  act on their principles and ask their Governor to act on his,” said Sam McLure, Birmingham attorney and the founder of Proposal 16. “Governor Bentley can and should ensure that all human beings under his jurisdiction are given their God-given and Constitutional right to life and there’s no good reason for him to refuse.”

Intrinsic in this effort is the fact that Alabama, in several ways, has already established “personhood”, that is, they have endowed the mythical status of personhood to the preborn that Blackmun opined about in his Roe v. Wade opinion, which should have, according to some interpretations of the Roe testimony, established equal protection for the unborn.

The law of the State of Alabama defines a “person” as “a human being, including an unborn child in utero at any stage of development, regardless of viability” See Ala. Code §13A-6-1 (a)(3). In addition to this, the Supreme Court of Alabama has affirmed the personhood of the preborn and repeatedly affirmed the value of protecting a person’s life in the womb. It seems a no-brainer, but things being what they are, the governing authorities often need a little prodding, if not an outright shove.

“There’s no better time to send the death warrant of millions, that we call Roe v. Wade, to the dark pages of history,” McLure said. “It’s time to end the barbarous practice of ‘legal’ abortion, keep providing positive solutions so that women can be the mamas their babies need, and ensure that every innocent human being is guaranteed their God-given and Constitutional right to life.”

“We’re simply asking Governor Bentley to turn his pro-life words into actions and lead the way forward,” McLure said.

Information on Proposal 16 can be found here.

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