Judge Moore Leaves Kangaroo Court Proceedings

Statement of Chief Justice Roy Moore:

The people of Alabama deserve to know why three justices on the Alabama Supreme Court—Lyn Stuart, Mike Bolin, and Jim Main—have failed to recuse in a sealed case, hiding their actions from public view in violation of the open courts provision of the Alabama Constitution. They fired my staff, prevented access to my office, and only now pretend to recuse after selecting a pool of retired judges from which the replacements will be chosen but which are unaccountable to the people of this state. As Justice Tom Parker noted: “[G]iven the political nature of this specific case, I would appoint only judges who are accountable to the people of Alabama through the election process.” It appears that hypocrisy knows no limits. This is clearly a political agenda driven by one who wants to become Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and others who want to control that high office at this critical time in Alabama politics.

Read up on Justice Moore on the ongoing politically motivated attack against both Moore and the rule of law here.

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