Update on the REMOVAL of Alabama Cheif Justice Roy Moore

Montgomery, AL – Despite the fact that the appeal of Chief Justice Moore is pending and that certain justices have been asked to recuse, Acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart has demanded that Chief Justice Roy Moore remove all his personal items from his office by October 18, 2016. Adding further insult, Stuart states that Chief Justice Moore must be accompanied by a marshal. Stuart also informed the Chief Justice that her staff will now open any “official looking” mail, and the official Alabama Supreme Court letterhead was modified to remove Chief Justice Moore’s name.  Adding insult to injury, Acting Justice Lyn Stuart and Justice Michael Bolin summoned Chief Justice Roy Moore’s head law clerk and two other law clerks and terminated them. A marshal and one of Stuart’s staff members were sent to order the law clerks to pack their belongings and turn in their keys.

Read more about the so-called suspension here.

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