Short Video on Justice Moore’s Upcoming Trial and Rally

Chief Justice Roy Moore squares off tomorrow with the Court of the Judiciary over the Chief’s alleged misconduct in office – unfounded charges brought to bear against him by his political and ideological enemies. The hearing will be in the Alabama Supreme Court Courtroom in Montgomery, and YOU need to be there!

Again, the importance of showing up can not be underscored enough – Judge Moore is one of the few magistrates in the land that has not buried his head in the sand!He may be the ONLY one who has not cowered behind the fiction that “The men and women who sit on the Supreme Court are the final arbiters of American law.”

It is of the utmost importance that WE THE PEOPLE rally to this lesser magistrate!

Please plan to show up at the Alabama Supreme Court Courtroom in Montgomery, AL at 7:00!

If you would like to network with us for the trial, or the ongoing situation with the Alabama Supreme Court, you can use our contact form to get more info. You can also go to for updates and more background on the situation, including Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker’s federal lawsuit against the JIC and the situation with Governor Bentley, and Sanctity of Marriage Alabama for social media updates.

Please share this and help spread the word!

Watch this one minute video about the upcoming trial and the question to be decided: will Chief Justice Moore be penalized because liberals disagree with his views, or justly reinstated for doing his job?

Join us September 28th at the Alabama Supreme Court building to find out. Prayer at 7:00 am – doors open at 8:00 – trial starts at 9:00.

You can read up on the actual history of this situation and get the unreported facts about Judge Moore’s suspension and attempted removal here.

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