Summer of Justice Event in Wichita, KS Exposes Supreme Court Fiction, Calls for Interposition

OSA Summer of Justice march

Summer of Justice

Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America descended on Kansas this past week, holding their national event,  “Summer of Justice”, in Wichita.  The event coincided with the 25th anniversary of what came to be known as the “Summer of Mercy”, wherein thousands of pro-life Christians rallied against abortion in a time of almost unprecedented revival.

OSA Summer of Justice march
ORN/OSA’s theme involved what they termed to be a major game-changer in the fight to end abortion, the Paradigm Shift to End Abortion, in which five principles are posited:

1. Abortion is Murder
2. Roe vs. Wade is Legal Fiction.
3. Courts Cannot Make Law
4. Establish Justice by Defending the Preborn
5. Rally the Lesser Magistrate to Defend the Preborn

National Director Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas laid out the principles of this paradigm shift one point at a time during the evening rallies.

Ecclesiastical Court

On Thursday, July 21st ORN/OSA proclaimed the Church’s governmental authority against tyranny, injustice, and lawlessness through their longstanding practice of holding “Ecclesiastical Court”. Eight charges that held the Supreme Court of the United States in contempt of God’s word and law were announced at the Federal Building. The preamble to the charges read:

Today, we as representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ, do, on this 21st, day of July, in the year of our Lord 2016, come to exercise our God ordained authority. We come to hold this federal court and the Supreme Court of the United States of America accountable before the Court of Almighty God. In fact, we hold it in contempt of the court whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Ecclesiastical Court


This Ecclesiastical Court came in response to eight judicial abuses, each of which was chronicled on signs shaped like black coffins, which were thrown down and stepped on after a verdict of guilty was announced.

Rusty Thomas, who heads up ORN/OSA, prophetically proclaimed, “These unjust and wicked rulings have violated the Biblical mandate to judge justly. The Supreme Court violated its constitutional responsibility. Therefore, by the authority invested in us as ministers of the Gospel of the Kingdom we cancel these wicked decisions. We render them null and void.”

Ecclesiastical Court

Summer of Justice March

In keeping with the five premises to immediately end abortion, ORN/OSA held a “Justice March” through downtown Wichita in which five banners containing each of the principles from the paradigm shift were displayed, including a banner announcing the fact that, constitutionally, courts cannot make laws.

Strategic locations were targeted along the march route.  The first stop was the courthouse, where Pastor Ante Pavkovic revealed how the enemy has used the courts of our land to kill, steal, and to destroy. The next stop along the route was the Department of Justice, where the state’s failure to defy the tyranny of the courts and do their duty to interpose was addressed.

Summer of Justice

Prophetic Call to Police/Open Letter to Law Enforcement

With the advent of increased violence against law enforcement, an “Open Letter to the Police in America” was released, biblically addressing the violence being committed against them. Contained in it was an admonition for law enforcement agencies and personnel to repent and join the Church of Jesus Christ to end the covenant with death in our nation.

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