Alabama Call to Action: Support Judge Moore!

We have an immediate need in Alabama to rally around one of the few righteous lesser magistrates in the entire nation. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has come under attack for upholding the laws of the State of Alabama, resulting in his suspension and possible removal from office.

In opposing the lawlessness of the federal judiciary’s unconstitutional and tyrannical decree handed down in the Obergefell opinion in June of 2015, Judge Moore has provoked the ire of both the homosexual lobby and their allies within the state’s Court of the Judiciary, a non-elected group of lawyers made up of mostly liberal and leftist jurists. He has been suspended from office until his case is decided.

He is being attacked specifically for his acts of interposition regarding homosexual marriage.

Friends, it is of the utmost importance that WE THE PEOPLE rally to this lesser magistrate!

An opportunity to do precisely that will take place this coming weekend. From June 24th – 28th, there will be multiple public demonstrations on behalf of Judge Moore.

If you would like to participate in any or all of these efforts, contact us as we will be trying to organize transportation.

Check the web site for updates and more info, including an itinerary of events.

Please share this and help spread the word!

Read the New York Times article on Judge Moore’s suspension here.

A Facebook page following Judge Moore and Alabama’s marriage issues has been set up here.

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