South Carolina Personhood Stalled by Friendly Fire

The South Carolina Personhood Amendment, S.719, received 8 votes for special order in the Rules Committee last week, falling short of what was needed to qualify it for a majority vote in the full Senate for special order by only one vote. Although it did win a majority vote of 24-16 in the full Senate for special order, it needed a two-thirds vote because it was not in the Rules committee slot – having been passed to the floor with a minority report.

Based on our extensive contacts and conversations, the following eight Republican Senators are believed to have voted for the bill in the Rules Committee: Corbin, Cromer, Gregory, L. Martin, S. Martin, Massey, Turner, and Young while Republican Senators Campsen and Leatherman are believed to have voted against it.

Senator Campsen is an avowed opponent of the Personhood Amendment, and spoke against it on the Senate floor before the special order vote was taken last week. Senator Hugh Leatherman is the President Pro Tem of the Senate and although he voted for the Personhood Amendment in the full Senate, we have no indication that he voted for it in the Rules Committee.

These two Senators are where we need to concentrate our prayers and contacts. Sen. Campsen’s office number is 803-212-6340 and Sen. Leatherman’s office number is 803-212-6640.

Senator Leatherman has two primary opponents this year, both of whom support Personhood.
We will try to speak to Sen. Leatherman this week and gain his support, which would go a long way in helping 719. Please pray for this effort, pray for these two Senators, and call to request that they vote for Personhood in the Rules Committee.

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