South Carolina Personhood Bill Moves to Senate Floor

S.719, South Carolina’s Personhood Constitutional Amendment, has moved forward – the joint resolution was passed out of committee by an 11-5 vote, bringing it to the floor of the Senate with a minority report.

From The State:

COLUMBIA, SC: Legislation that could amend the state’s constitution to establish legal rights for the unborn at the time of conception, making abortion illegal, is on its way to the Senate floor.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-5 Tuesday afternoon to approve the so-called personhood bill, which has been proposed in other states but has yet to be passed.

While the bill passed out of committee, it still faces an uphill climb.

A minority report was filed with the bill, meaning some senators oppose it, which could require a two-thirds vote on the Senate floor just to consider it.

Read more from the article here.

A major concern of opponents, as voiced by The State, is whether or not the women procuring the abortion would be held accountable.

“Among those, some wondered Tuesday, is whether a woman going to a clinic for abortion would be charged with murder. Bright suggested that the physician performing an abortion might face some charges but said the bill only deals with the larger question.”

And while supporters such as Senator Lee Bright were ambiguous on the specifics, saying, “What I envision is not countless women going to prison…what I envision is abortion being stopped.”

What remains glaringly obvious is that a law with no consequence is as good as no law at all, and the opposition knows this.  Should the penalty for murder be what the penalty for murder is?  For justice to truly be established, the answer has to be “Yes”.  Anything less is indicative of the dehumanization of an entire group of people.

Personhood has soldiered forward in South Carolina, but it has moved on to the next battlefield, which means your help is still needed. If you live in South Carolina, please urge friendly senators to put S.719 in an empty “special order” slot. There are a limited number of bills that can achieve this status, so please PRAY, and if you are in SC, call your representatives!

On record as opposing S.719 are Senator Ronnie A. Sabb, D-Williamsburg, District 32, and  Senator Margie Bright Matthews, D-Colleton, District 45.


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