TN Marriage Fight Continues – Less than 10 Critical Days Left

We have less than 10 critical days remaining in this on going strategy to resurrect the Pody Bill, HB 1412, AKA The Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act. Be assured this fight continues and there are other steps/strategies also going forward! Below you will find the link to an updated and improved petition. Please note that the previous petitions are still valid!

In addition to the petition, be on the lookout for a series of “equipping” videos to be made available over the next 4-5 days.

The goal is for every person to be aware of the strategies and arguments for and against reviving HB1412 The Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act. We have less than 10 days remaining for the window of opportunity to allow petitions to be delivered, either in person or by mail to every legislator. Get the petition to them (hand deliver or snail mail ONLY…not e-mail) followed up with TWO phone calls. This is not complicated, costly nor time consuming. BUT IT IS CRITICAL. Please learn all you can share the vision of resurrecting this vital bill. IT IS NOT TOO LATE FOR TENNESSEE to lead the nation in defying tyranny and securing Godly Marriage in many states of the US.

Lastly, please try to keep  Monday March 14th open for a visit to the Capitol most of the day and the evening legislative session where we hope to have hundreds in the House  of Representatives Gallery prepared to defend marriage as Mark makes his passionate appeal.

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