Oklahoma Petition Exhorts Representatives to Interpose

Oklahoma City, OK: Given that their state legislature has bowed to judicial tyranny and refused to establish justice for the pre-born, abolitionists in Oklahoma have taken it upon themselves to circulate a petition calling for the total abolition of abortion in their state – and at the same time exhort their elected “pro-life” leaders to interpose on behalf of the unborn.

Along with the petition, language for a bill of total abolition – not regulation – of abortion in the State of Oklahoma has been presented to the legislature. Calling the text of their measure “shamefully short” in comparison to the text of various pro-life laws already on the books in Oklahoma, they point out that it has simply been stripped of “exceptions, amelioration, and accommodations to the greatest and most dehumanizing evil of our age” – referring to compromises such as those that codify into law the murder of the unborn until a certain age or due to crimes committed by their fathers.

They go on to state “The prolife politicians we’ve elected to protect them attempt to regulate the practice of child sacrifice as if it were healthcare instead of addressing it as murder. The governing authorities of our state possess the moral, legal, and constitutional duty to establish justice for all human beings within their jurisdiction, including the preborn fatherless by prohibiting the slaughter of children in the womb. Contrary to widespread misinformation, the right to murder humans is not protected by the Constitution and our legislature is not bound by any law or duty to aid or abet the Supreme Court in their attempted perversion of it. On the contrary, they are duty bound by their oaths to support, obey, and defend the United States Constitution and oppose such perversions and abuses of it.”

The ACLU of Oklahoma and pro-abortion “reproductive rights” activists have taken legal measures attempting to gag the petition, forestall the collection of signatures, and stifle open discussion of abolition among the citizens of a democratic republic. They have effectively killed a citizen-initiated ballot measure, but abolitionists correctly point out that the legislature could put forward this amendment themselves and allow the people to vote for or against abolition in the upcoming election.

Representatives of the “most pro-life state in America” need to be reminded that the Supreme Court, notwithstanding its name, is not the supreme authority of the United States. The so-called “supremacy clause” of the Constitution places the Constitution above the laws and treaties of the United States, and subordinates every judge in every state to the U.S. Constitution. They need to be reminded that courts cannot make laws – and this petition has the potential to do just that.

Read the text of the petition here.

Read the text of the measure here.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe Blow says:

    The constitution provides for a Supreme Court.

    God, AHA is a bunch of losers.

  2. admin says:

    Sir I would encourage you to read the articles posted here, LesserMagistrate.com, TheAmericanView.com and the TenthAmendmentCenter.com for starters regarding the proper and intended role of the supreme court. What SCOTUS has done with their opinions, and how they have treated their prior opinions, and how people in office and the culture are misusing their opinions, all of these are patently wrong and abuses of power amounting to a horrible form of tyranny. When SCOTUS comes out with morally bankrupt, unlawful, tyrannical and murderous decisions such as the Roe and Casey opinions, then it is the duty of our representatives to interpose on behalf of justice for the people. Our representatives are sworn to uphold the constitution, not a court’s innovative twist of this document. It would be most instructive for you to read the Abolitionist rebuttal of the ACLU petition protest in Oklahoma, which explains some of these things in detail using the constitution, the 14th and the 5th amendments, and the historical background of those amendments here: https://goo.gl/gxZrtZ before you continue with meaningless personal attacks.