TN: Petition for Redress of Grievances RE HB1412

The battle continues in Tennessee. There is now a “Petition for Redress of Grievances RE HB1412” (available here) as well as a forthcoming Facebook event page (located here) to recruit folks everywhere to exercise their First Amendment right of Redress of Grievances to call House Reps to support Mark Pody’s efforts resurrect the Tennessee Defense of Natural Marriage Act as Rule #53 allows.

HB1412 “was crucified, died and was buried” by the House Civil Justice Sub-committee. But as we declared that evening when the 90 minute hearing ended on Jan 20th, that “We serve our God, the God of Resurrection!”

After meeting with Mark Pody this weekend and filming a 10 minute video in a local studio here in Lebanon, Mark announced that he is ready to move immediately by announcing the strategy to recall HB1412 from the committee where it failed and bring it to the floor as the rules permit him to do…that is IF he gets 66 votes (2/3 of the House to participate) to pledge their votes in advance.

I am submitting this “Redress of Grievance First Amendment” strategy to get the attached petitions distributed. Please do what you can to hep, first by praying over this strategy and then by giving your suggestions.

Get the petition here.

See the Facebook event page here.

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