Encourage the Sullivan County Commissioners!

On Monday, December 14th, 2015, 21 out of 24 Sullivan County, TN Commissioners voted to send a resolution to the Tennessee capitol in Nashville calling upon the legislators and governor to defy the Supreme Court’s lawless Obergefell opinion and uphold the laws and constitution of Tennessee. Since taking this bold stand for righteousness in defending marriage they have been the target of an active campaign to influence and intimidate them into backing down.

What they need at this time is encouragement to stand firm in the face of opposition. They are receiving a lot of what can only ve described as hate mail. Please be sure to contact all the supporting members of the Commission and thank them for their support – call and email these men and women and thank them for being about His business of DOING righteously!

Below is a link to a contacts file with the email addresses of all of the commissioners who have emails listed (two do not but but they can be reached via phone – their numbers are listed on the website). The attached .csv file should be able to be imported into most email accounts to create a quick list to easily email one or all of the commissioners.

Keep in mind that Eddie Williams was the “no” vote, Pat Shull abstained, and Kit McGlothlin was absent.

One King, King Jesus!
Sullivan County Commissioners Contact File
Read about the passing of the resolution here

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