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F.A.C.E. Charges in Kentucky -

FACE Charges Filed for Rescuers in Kentucky

Preliminary reports are coming in that Federal charges for violating the FACE act are being leveled in the case of the 11 rescuers who blocked the doors of Kentucky’s last remaining surgical abortion clinic in Louisville this past May

Pro-life leaders celebrate Ohio’s Senate Bill 145 that bans one method of murder while prescribing the circumstances children may be put to death.

Pro-life Group Celebrates Bill Affirming Murder of Preborn in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Oh — Pro-life leaders are celebrating the advance of Ohio’s Senate Bill 145, a measure that bans a specific method of murder while prescribing the circumstances under which innocent children may continue to be put to death. The bill passed the Ohio Senate Judiciary committee and will be heard on the Senate floor. SB 145 explicitly affirms the murder of preborn children through the use of suction curettage or suction aspiration procedures, and allows the act of poisoning an unborn child to death through the use of RU-486 (mifepristone).

Texas Lawmakers Choose to Regulate - not Criminalize - Abortion

Texas Lawmakers Choose Regulation of Abortion – Again

Rather than prohibit the murder of preborn children and call for the just punishments, Senate Bill 8 instead requires that children destroyed by abortion are dismembered by high-powered suction devices and surgical tools that do not require “the convergence of two rigid levers.” SB 8 is merely a ban of a specific method of abortion that explicitly affirms and allows the use of methods that, “use suction to dismember the body of an unborn child by sucking pieces into a collection container.”

Blockading Clinic Doors in Kentucky

Activists Arrested in KY for Blockading Abortion Clinic Doors

LOUISVILLE, Ky — Anti-abortion activists were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing after blocking the doors of the last remaining surgical abortion center in the state on Saturday. The eleven demonstrators were carrying out what has...

Aiding and Abetting a Gross Fiction - Judicial Supremacy

Aiding and Abetting a Gross Fiction

How the “We must get our Justices appointed” clamor perpetuates the fiction of ‘judicial supremacy’ upon our nation. By Pastor Matt Trewhella Every four years, as the presidential election approaches, both the Democrats and...

Abolitionists Rally in Wisconsin: “It’s Time to Defy Tyrants Again!” - CCML

Abolitionist Ceremony in Milwaukee Commemorates Wisconsin’s Defiance of Federal Tyranny

MILWAUKEE, – Abolitionists held a rally last week at Cathedral Square to commemorate the rescue of fugitive slave Joshua Glover at that very site, and to remind Wisconsin magistrates of their duty to interpose on behalf of their citizens in the face of federal tyranny.


South Carolina Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant Testifies on Behalf of Latest Personhood Bill

Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, among others, gave testimony at a state Senate subcommittee hearing Thursday on what is purported to be one of the state’s most controversial bills, known as “The Personhood Act” that seeks to outlaw abortion in South Carolina by adding a definition of “personhood” that includes the unborn.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin goes another round with abortion providers in his state

Bevin Goes Another Round With Abortion in Kentucky

However commendable Governor Bevin’s attempt to shut down the last deathcamp in KY is, it is over a licensing technicality, and not for the simple fact that they are committing murder. As a governing authority, Bevin not only has the right, but also the duty, both constitutionally and before God, to defy the