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Non-profit organizations usually have tight budgets and therefore have to find relatively cheaper web hosting services which are reliable and safe as well. The choice of suitable web hosting for non-profits is actually one of the biggest decisions that you make when establishing a non-for profit organization. Non-profits often have to spend a lot on different promotional activities like print advertisements, pamphlets, flyers and other types of marketing and advertising. This will definitely add up to your budget. However, web hosting for non-profits should not be your only concern.

web hosting for nonprofits

There are many different web hosts to choose from but HostGator and Kinsta are both renowned in the business. Both of these companies offer free hosting plans. You should always consider the quality of services that they offer. It is not advisable to go for the cheapest and the easiest option. Quality is always more important than the price.

HostGator has numerous plans to choose from and offers excellent value. There are various plans offered by HostGator. The different plans are as follows: Personal – $6 a month; Small-Business – $30 a month; Business – $100 a month; Virtual Private Servers – $500 a month. As compared to Kinsta, the Personal plan highlights features that are very useful to non-profits like free domain name and unlimited space. Kinsta is known to be excellent web hosts for high volume websites.

Kinsta hosting also allows various options for managed WordPress websites. Some of the additional services that you can enjoy with Kinsta include unlimited MySQL databases, PHP, MySQL, MS-SQL, MS-Access, XML access and more. The best thing about using Kinsta as a web host for non-profits is that they offer great benefits to people who are willing to set up a website and make it publicly accessible over the internet. However, if you are a beginner in the world of web hosting, then HostGator will be a better option.

With HostGator, there are various features that are available with affordable web hosting plans for non-profits. They include a free version of WordPress for installation and maintenance; a free e-mail address for client communication; free virtual servers; and more. Although, some of the features are not available with kinsta, the quality and ease of use they offer make them a great choice for nonprofit organizations.

Another option that you can look into when looking for a web hosting company for non-profits is GoDaddy. They have a few different plans including their platinum plan, which has a few more options than kinsta. For instance, they offer virtual servers as well as cPanel, which have several different options that cPanel alone does not have. However, GoDaddy does have excellent support for online presence management, which makes it a good choice for nonprofit organizations and webmasters who want to build an online presence.

HostGator is one of the best options available for affordable hosting for non-profits. Although, many people think that it is ideal for web hosting for nonprofits, you may want to look into other companies that offer better quality and greater online presence management. It is important to have an online presence so that you can interact with donors and volunteers. With web hosting for non-profits, it is important to make sure that you have quality backup and storage options available.

Bandwidth is another factor that you need to consider. If you have a small online presence, then it may not be necessary to go with bigger bandwidth. However, if you have a lot of non-profits working on the same website, then you are going to want to make sure that you have plenty of bandwidth and disk space available. There are cheap plans available, but it is always wise to shop around so that you find the best web hosting price for your particular needs. You can use bandwidth analyzers on the web to determine how much bandwidth is needed, allowing you to make an informed decision about your web hosting budget.